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Black Light Bulb (Kallemax)

Black Light Bulb (Kallemax)

A black light is a type of light bulb that emits mostly ultraviolet radiation. Although most bulbs also give off a faint violet glow, the majority of the light is outside the visible range. This energetic radiation excites molecules, often producing fluorescence or phosphorescence. A visible photon is released when a molecule loses the absorbed energy, making the substance appear to glow in the dark.

List of Things That Glow Under a Black Light

  • tonic water (quinine) – glows blue
  • Hennessy V.S Limited Edition cognac bottle – bottle glows bright green (liquor does not glow)
  • some vitamins and drugs – B12 glows bright yellow
  • chlorophyll – glows red
  • flying squirrels – bright bubblegum pink (fluorescence is extremely rare in mammals)
  • puffin beaks – bright blue
  • chameleon bones – bright blue, visible through living skin
  • scorpions – glow blue or green
Scorpions Glow Under Ultraviolet Light (Jonbeebe)

Scorpions Glow Under Ultraviolet Light (Jonbeebe)

  • glow in the dark paint
  • people
  • teeth – usually glow white under black light
  • antifreeze
  • fluorescent minerals – glow various colors
  • many gemstone – including rubies and some diamonds
  • about 1/4 of diamonds – glow various colors under black light
  • some body fluids
  • fluorescent dyes
  • bank notes – green strips in US currency
  • laundry detergent
  • Irish Spring soap – green
  • Mr. Clean liquid cleaner
  • banana spots
Banana Spots Glow Under Black Light (endolith)

Banana Spots Glow Under Black Light (endolith)

  • some toys
  • most types of fishing line
  • some plastics
  • white paper – white or blue-white
  • passports
  • some cosmetics
  • some animals, plants, and fungi (especially marine life) – usually green or blue
  • petroleum jelly (e.g.,Vaseline) – glows blue
  • uranium glass or vaseline glass
  • rock salt
  • fungus that causes Athlete’s Foot – glows orange
  • turmeric (a spice)
  • olive oil
  • canola oil
  • some flowers
  • certain postage stamps
  • highlighter pens – variety of colors
  • honey
  • ketchup
  • cotton balls
  • pipe cleaners – usually glow blue-white, although fluorescent ones can glow other colors

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